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Get location in Android using Fused Location Provider Api

How to get location in Android : Fused Location Provider Api

How to get location in Android : Fused Location Provider Api Hi…Today if we see the current application trends then there is huge requirement of tracking or knowing location related activities of user. Think of  the scenario (e.g) :   1.How to display the custom products to user by based on user’s current location   2.Show nearby restaurants ,hospitals.   […]

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How to use Github like syntax highlighting on your web site or blog without any plugin

Hello Friends, Today I will be sharing a cool trick to highlight the code in your blog As a developer or coder we always look for any code snippet on any website may be it is in java or PHP but it looks in awesome format just what it looks like in our IDE. If you don’t know what is syntax […]

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How to migrate or move your blog from Blogger to WordPress without losing Google search traffic.

Suppose your blog ( is hosted on Blogger but now you would like to move the blog from Blogger to WordPress (self-hosted) with your personal domain name like then don’t worry you can follow easy steps and easily make the changes. But before proceeding take backup of your blog including the XML template,blog posts and comments. Now: 1. Purchase […]

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How to set up custom URL for our site

Hello Friends, Today we will see how to set up custom URL for our site. Note: First you have to purchase your domain from any Domain Registrar site. Here I have taken example of assume that you have purchased your domain from When you purchase a domain from, they assign an IP address (A record and CNAME […]

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How to change your blog template and make your blog attractive and SEO friendly….

During my initial days when I started blogging with default templates I was happy because everything was new at that time..but I realized that default templates are not much professional,attractive and also they are not optimized for search engine like Google. We can change our default blog template with third party templates and that is why today I have come […]

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How to start blog or important blogging tips for beginners….

Hi…. friends I am also a beginner in blogging and guess what when I searched on web I got some confusing contents which I don’t want waste your time, So I am trying to post some useful tips for you. 1. Always know  for whom you are writing :  The first tip we should follow is always know your target […]

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